Joinery Workshops

Manufacturing Joinery Workshops

We have one of the last manufacturing Joinery workshops in Aberdeen, with the ability to manufacture Stairs, Doors, Working Shutters, Windows (including sash and case) and one-off bespoke items.

Crucial to the success of our manufacturing workshops are two main components.

1.    We have a range of machines capable of making modern products to current standards and demands yet still being able to manufacture traditional products to match existing features.
2.    Our staff are able to combine traditional skills with modern machinery.  We have several Master Carpenters able to create incredible bespoke quality items.

Other workshops and factories that still exist today concentrate on either traditional bespoke items or modern items produced in quantity. It is rare to find a factory such as ours able to service an individual customer with a one-off sash and case window or a door whilst being able to produce hundreds of doors or windows for a commercial customer.